7 Signs of a sick pet that will let you know your dog is sick


Pet owners love taking good care of their pets. Pets too love being shown tender care. Like human health, Pet healthy should be taken important too. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to take good care of the pets, and this involves looking for signs of a sick pet to be able to know when a pet is unwell.  Many dog owners have no idea of how to know their dog is unwell. There are several signs of a sick pet that dog owners should be aware of.

1. Sudden Weight Loss and Lack of Appetite

Loss of weight in pets is a sign of sick pet. A healthy dog will maintain its weight or increase the weight gradually as it grows. A sick dog on the other side might lose weight suddenly, and this weight loss might be related to sickness.

2. Excessive Drinking or Urination

When your dog increases its drinking or urinates than normal, this could be signs of a sick pet. You should consult your pet health officer immediately. Excessive urination could lead to dehydration which is worse.

3. Dry or Itchy Skin, Sores or Lumps

Itchy dog skin is a sign of pruritus which is associated with fleas or most likely allergies.  You should regularly check your dog for itchy skin or sores. These are signs of a sick pet and should be attended to immediately. It is advisable that you consult your pet health officer immediately for advice and medication.

4. Dry, Red, or Cloudy Eyes in Pets

When your dog shows red eyes or cloudy eyes, these are signs of a sick pet. This could be a sign of allergies or glaucoma. This should be treated immediately as it could lead to blindness. Observe if there are other signs of a sick pet in the dog’s body that could have spread to the eyes and seek treatment immediately.

5. Coughing, Sneezing, Abnormal Panting or Breathing Problems

Dogs too will cough, sneeze and breathe like human beings. Abnormal breathing or continuous coughing and sneezing are signs of a sick pet. These signs of a sick pet could be related to allergic bronchitis.  If the dog is not treated immediately, these signs could become severe and irreversible.

6. Sudden Change in Activity Level

Activity in pets will decrease gradually as the pet ages. A sudden change in activity should be alarming. You should look for other signs of sick pet that could have led to this sudden decrease in activity. If this continues, consider talking to your pet health officer for treatment.

7. Bad Breath or Excessive Salivation

Stimulation will cause dogs to salivate. Excessive salivation is one of the signs of sick pet and should be attended to immediately. Bad breath could be related to gum disease or plaque. In case of bad breath, check your dog for plaque and seek assistance from pet health officers.

Always observe your dog and in case of symptoms persist, seek advice from registered pet health officer.

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