Do you know your dog exercise need?


For dog owners looking for ways to reduce the weight of their pets, two alternatives are available. The first option you can try is changing the diet or using high fibre feeds. Diet restrictions are proven to work. Secondly, you can get rid of that extra fat through excise, a no-cost solution. Before giving the canine a physical workout, you should understand your dog exercise need. Why? All canines differ by breed, age, and size, each requiring a personalised approach.

If you love to walk your dog –it effectively combats obesity. Any veterinary doctor would recommend that you walk your dog regularly, for health purposes. Regular walks promote the animal’s mental state and release of extra energy. When done for short intervals, and fewer times, you are exposing your canine to adverse health problems.

As a dog owner, you need a well-defined exercise program. Before you get a leash, the amount of exercise will differ according to the dog exercise need. Some breeds like the German shepherd require more activity than the English bulldog.

5 Tips to Direct the Weight Loss Program from the Dog Exercise Need Perspective

1. Maintain a fast pace

When you’re walking your dog; it should be strictly for shedding those extra pounds. Remember that most dogs walk at a leisurely pace that’s not sufficient for weight loss. Also, dog owners are notorious for stopping to say the hello; avoid this at all cost. Maintain a pace that makes you sweat and remember you are both benefiting. Dogs tend to want to stop, issue a command or pull the leash firmly –always keep moving.

2. Create a schedule for exercise

Plan in advance by specifying the number of minutes each week meant for walks. For overweight dogs, you start with 60 minutes per week and increase the time as the dog becomes fitter. You can do 20 minutes’ walk per day to compensate for missed days.

3. Track your dog’s weight regularly

Ensure the dog gets weighed on a regular basis by the veterinary. Measure the initial weight during the first week of the dog exercise need program, do after a couple of weeks of activity and track the progress with the app.

4. Find New Trails to explore in diverse locations

A change of scenery and trail is essential the well-being of your canine and happiness levels. You will also find the walks interesting for you, and it’s the perfect time to connect with your canine. You can bring a friend or family to make it more fun and adventurous.

5. Combine the dieting effort with exercise

Your potty canine should have diet restrictions in place, and the exercise helps speed the weight loss process. Remember to limit extra treats, and buy foods rich in fibre. Avoiding obesity will ensure that you spend more time with your pet, and make life easier.

With our app, you can monitor weight loss progress, and know precisely what level of activity your canine friend needs. Activity levels will differ according to the breed, age, and gender of the dog. The app incorporates all these factors to determine the dog exercise need; therefore you can meet the set weight loss goals effectively.

Woofie will inform the right amount of exercise for the pet breed, gender and age and inform owner about it.

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